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Berauk Capital SA “BERAUK” is an independent asset management firm regulated by the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, founded to better serve the financial needs of individuals as well as institutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa by providing them with a wide array of tailor-made investment strategies and solutions.

Offering bespoke independent portfolio management services to our entrepreneurial and sophisticated individual and institutional client base - under a transparent performance based fee model.

Today we continue to apply our forward-looking vision, our entrepreneurial spirit and our leading investment expertise to offer our clients significant added value and performance over the long term.

Why Berauk

Using our truly open architecture platform and highly qualified financial professionals; we offer bespoke independent portfolio management services to our entrepreneurial and sophisticated individual and institutional client base - under a transparent performance based fee model.

Based on client needs and requirements, we first decide on the right custodian from our network of top rated financial partners. We then allocate the clients funds in one or more of our management strategies - Capital Preservation, Fixed Income and Balanced Capital Growth.

Our unique ability to customize, structure and trade products allows us to take advantage of structured products features to better control portfolio performance, risk, and maturity.

Our clients’ investments goals are achieved without unjustified exposure to financial risks, using the right custodian bank, uniquely customized products, and client specific investment strategies.



After reaching a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, the investment manager and client first agree on a custom-made investment strategy that reflects the client’s specific investment goals and level of risk. Although the investment manager will handle the day-to-day portfolio management, the client is kept informed through regular updates and periodic reports.

With BERAUK, clients can now take advantage of personalized structured products, which until recently were only available for financial institutions with the below customizable features:

  • Mixed short and long-term maturities
  • Several asset classes across major currencies
  • Principal protection, enhanced returns, reduced volatility and mitigated risk

Our investment advisory services have been designed to accommodate clients who prefer to be actively involved in the decision-making process. The client can retain complete control of his investments, yet benefits from our expertise through guidance, advice and alternative investment ideas. Our relationship with our clients under advisory is solid and long lasting since it is based on active engagement and regular communication.

The investment choices spans a wide range of asset classes and instruments covering domestic and international equities and bonds, currencies, derivatives and structured products. Clients using our advisory services benefit from enhanced access to our global network of investment professionals and a true open architectural platform.


In the event of an unexpected death or a long-term injury, our clients can rest assured that their family and loved ones are fully protected with BERAUK’s legacy plan and insurance offerings. Using quality insurers, we offer life insurance products with competitive premiums on policies ranging from $5 million to more than $100 million depending on the client’s country of residence.

As a result of the strong financial standing of our insurance partners, premiums may be financed up to 90%. Furthermore, many of the participating insurers are able to issue policies from a tax-free jurisdiction.


The process of purchasing property or refinancing can be tedious and challenging. In most cases, clients individually negotiating mortgage terms end up with higher rates than those with assistance from mortgage facilitators. BERAUK can provide mortgages related financial services for new or existing property owners in most of Europe, and in particular UK, France, and Switzerland.

Our knowledge and skills will help property owners obtain competitive mortgage rates and design tax efficient financial solutions during the period of ownership. With Berauk, our client can be sure that we will choose the best financial strategy that corresponds with the regulations that apply to his or her country, with the aim of providing a specialized, professional and exclusive service.

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